A Tribute to Leslie George Katz

Edited by Peter Kayafas and Jane Mayhall Katz, photograph by Berenice Abbott, contributions by Aileen Ward, Edith McKeon Abbott, Robert Sunley, Freeman Keith, Oscar Shoenfeld, Sally Fisher, Harvey Simmonds, Richard Benson, John Szarkowski, Jerry Thompson, James R. Mellow, Dan Wakefield, Nora Sayre, Thomas Schoff, Edward Bigelow, Nancy Reynolds, Nancy Goldner, Robert Garis, Nancy Lassalle, Nancy Sullivan, Virginia Zabriskie, Sylvan Schendler, Pauline Hanson, Ned O'Gorman and Arthur Gregor.


Leslie George Katz, founder and president of the Eakins Press Foundation, is the subject of this series of tribute essays by his friends and colleagues.

To know him is to know the very best. His taste is flawless, his mind always leaning with comfort on the mysteries. I know no one but for some few, Lincoln Kirstein, Herbert Read, Isaiah Berlin, for whom the practice of life has yielded such incredible riches.
–Ned O'Gorman

ISBN 0-87130-083-4


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Design by Howard I. Gralla; Printed by Allethaire Press; Halftone photography by Robert J. Hennessey; Bound by Acme Bookbinding Company.

136 pages

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