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The journal Dance Index was founded by Lincoln Kirstein in 1942. Over the following seven years, 56 issues were published, presenting original scholarship on a wide range of dance subjects. In the spirit of its predecessor, the new Dance Index examines the multi-dimensional richness and diversity of the world of dance. Its intention is to surprise and excite a general audience with a new level of understanding and appreciation of the real and critical importance of dance in contemporary culture. 

New Issue

José Limón

by Kiri Avelar

DANCE INDEX, Volume 13

No.1 Spring 2022

ISBN: 978-0-87130-092-8

28 pages, 22 illustrations


"Ideas of citizenship and (un)belonging are disrupted through a body set in motion,” Avelar writes. Ultimately, she adds, “it was Limón’s enormous capacity for empathy… that enabled him to reach across cultural boundaries to forge strong humanistic ties based on global interdependence and understanding—concepts that continue to underpin 21st-century diplomacy today."

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